How to ruin your Missouri Work Comp case-Springfield Workers Compensation Injury Lawyer

How to ruin your Missouri Work Comp case from a Springfield Workers Compensation Injury Lawyer

What is the single thing you can do (or not do) that will absolutely ruin your case?

Don’t report your injury to your employer immediately .

Missouri law requires that you report your injury within 30 days, but it is a mistake to wait practically anytime at all.

Why?  First, by not reporting your injury within 30 days you can waive your rights to compensation for your injury (including getting your medical treatment paid for).  Now, if your employer sees that you are injured and directs you to the doctor of their choice.  Not your choice, but their choice. You are probably okay.

We have had several very nice people recently call who waited months to report the injury.  There is little I can do to help them at this point.  Don’t put yourself in this position.

Second, by waiting even a day or two you give your employer a ready made defense. “You weren’t hurt at work”

What else can ruin your case so that even the best Springfield Missouri workers compensation lawyer will have a hard time helping you?

Seeking treatment outside the workers comp system or before reporting the injury.   In Missouri the employer picks the doctor.  Seeking treatment on your own without consulting your employer first can cause numerous problems with your case and slow down the resolution of your case substantially in some cases and/or result in you being responsible for the bills and not the employer.

Refusing light duty work.  Your employer can require you to come in and stare at the wall for 8 hours if they want.  Refusing or failing to show you can result in your termination.

Failing to keep doctor or physical therapy appointments.  How hurt are you if you don’t go to the doctor?

Taking unemployment.  This will cut off your TTD, when TTD may be more money for you (66% of your average wages).

Failing to report pain or injury during Physical therapy.  If your pain gets worse, you need to report it immediately.

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