Missouri Uninsured Motorist Lose Insurance Companies Win

Nobody likes the fact that many uninsured drivers are on the Missouri roads.  Driving without insurance is a crime and has been for years.  As it has been a crime for years and it continues to increase as a problem nationwide, a strong argument can be made that it is based upon economics.  Many people simply can’t afford it.  It doesn’t excuse it.

Access to the courthouse for the poor has been dealt a blow with the over ride of Governor Nixons veto of HB #339.  Missouri uninsured motorist lose insurance companies win with this veto.  I think it is unlikely that we will see one iota of increase of insured Missourians or premium savings for those that do.  I believe it will likely make the poor more dependent on state services such as Medicaid/ Missouri Health Net because it will make their cases that much more difficult to get compensated.

If you are out of work at the time of the accident your economic damages would be only future medical care.  If your access to health care is already limited, it will likely be more difficult to prove your future medical care needs.  The bill eliminates the ability for poor folks to claim damages for pain and suffering or loss of quality of life.    Ultimately the insurance companies will make money and the state will wind up spending more.

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