Missouri Workers Compensation Weekly Rate Change

Missouri Workers Compensation Weekly Rate Change to the State Average Weekly Wage and Benefit Maximums

Missouri Department of Labor sent this bulletin at 07/03/2013 08:32 AM CDT

State Average Weekly Wage and Maximums

The State Average Weekly Wage (SAWW) used to determine maximum workers’ compensation benefits for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2013 and ending June 30, 2014 is $812.46. This SAWW produces the maximum weekly benefit rates for injury and illness occurring on or after July 1, 2013, as follows:

Temporary Total Disability $853.08
Permanent Total Disability $853.08
Permanent Partial Disability $446.85
Death $853.08

The actual weekly wage rate necessary to attain the maximum benefit rate is $1279.62 for Death, Temporary Total Disability and Permanent Total Disability and $670.27 for Permanent Partial Disability.

Also, as of July 1, 2013, the mileage allowance for travel expenses is 53.5 cents per mile.

For more information on Workers’ Compensation, please visit labor.mo.gov/DWC.

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