Social Security Disability Complaint heard during KY3 Call -A- Lawyer #4

I was asked to sit on the Springfield Missouri Bar Association Call a Lawyer program on KY3.There were some common Social Security Disability questions or complaints that I heard several times. I will try to answer some of them over the next few posts.

I heard several combinations of the following:

My______________(cousin, friend, neighbor, etc). got benefits, but there is nothing wrong with him or her.


My _____________(cousin, friend, neighbor, etc) got benefits a lot faster than my case is taking.


They didn’t have to go to a hearing.


Their wait for a hearing was a lot faster than mine is taking.


My lawyer is slowing down my claim.

A lot of people who receive social security benefits have severe conditions that others cannot see or they do not tell others about. It is likely that they, too, had to fight or their benefits.

Every claim and claimant is different. You should focus your efforts on your own claim and what you need to do to be successful on appeal.

Your friend, relative or neighbor probably has no idea about the problems you face.

Contrary to what some lawyers claim, they cannot “cut the line” for you nor do they “have an inside source at the ODAR office” that gets their cases heard faster.

Likewise your attorney cannot slow down your claim either. (unless a continuance is requested from a set hearing date. Social Security will send you notice of this request in the mail.)

It is important to remember that you should be prepared to assist your disability attorney in getting you benefits.

If your disability claim has been denied by Social Security, you can get a free Social Security Disability claim consultation from The Krebs Law Firm LLC. You have a very short 60 day deadline to file your appeal, so do not delay in contacting a Disability lawyer as soon as possible.

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