Springfield Missouri Social Security Disability benefits for Back pain

Back Pain is one of the main things that qualifies individuals for  in Springfield Missouri Security disability benefits for back pain claimants. One of the fastest ways to be approved for Social Security disability benefits for back pain is if your condition meets the requirements of Listing 1.04 for Disorders of the Spine.

1.04 Disorders of the spine (e.g., herniated nucleus pulposus, spinal arachnoiditis, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, facet arthritis, vertebral fracture), resulting in compromise of a nerve root (including the cauda equina) or the spinal cord. With:

A. Evidence of nerve root compression characterized by neuro-anatomic distribution of pain, limitation of motion of the spine, motor loss (atrophy with associated muscle weakness or muscle weakness) accompanied by sensory or reflex loss and, if there is involvement of the lower back, positive straight-leg raising test (sitting and supine);


B. Spinal arachnoiditis, confirmed by an operative note or pathology report of tissue biopsy, or by appropriate medically acceptable imaging, manifested by severe burning or painful dysesthesia, resulting in the need for changes in position or posture more than once every 2 hours;


C. Lumbar spinal stenosis resulting in pseudoclaudication, established by findings on appropriate medically acceptable imaging, manifested by chronic nonradicular pain and weakness, and resulting in inability to ambulate effectively, as defined in 1.00B2b.

  To qualify under this listing, you have to meet either A, B, or C described above. If your doctor says your condition meets these Social Security requirements, ask him or her to put it in a written report you can provide to Social Security. It may allow Social Security to approve your case and shave months off the waiting time for  a hearing.

Even if your condition does not meet the requirements of the above listing it does not mean you cannot qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits.   You can still win your claim for  Social Security disability benefits if your condition prevents you from being able to work full time. The best way is for a doctor to provide restrictions in your medical records.  Another one of the best ways to document this is by using a Medical Source Statement. These forms show Social Security your limitations with sitting, standing, walking, lifting, and the number of hours you are able to work.

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